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Combating Unconscious Bias with Conscious Efforts Towards Inclusive Leadership

Understanding unconscious bias requires introspection. It requires people to analyze their worldview and understand its impact on the people with whom they interact. Unconscious bias is prevalent in every sphere of life. However, it is most evident and damaging in the workplace, where people from every background engage, interact, and work together. The onus to combat it falls on the […]

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1. Understand Project Scope Understand the project scope clearly and assure the proposed project will address all of the stakeholder’s needs, structure efficient development process, and aid in bypassing unnecessary processes. The project management team will review essential steps at each stage of concept, development, and delivery to maintain quality communication between stakeholders and avoid superfluous prolonging deadlines. The project […]

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Non-profit Strategy Development and Program Planning – Leading with Less Risk

COVID19 is an unprecedented world event. It has drained out economies, transformed the work culture, and has changed life as we know it. While much of the global attention is focused on the impact of the pandemic on the health of economies, there is a major crisis brewing in the non-profit sector. While the need for humanitarian programs has never […]

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How to Build High-Performance Teams Through Workforce Training

High-performance teams are the secrets to private and public sector organizations scaling their operations for growth. They are a group of people with shared goals, leadership, open communication, and collaboration. There is trust amongst the group and a strong sense of accountability. Above all, they are comfortable working together. High-performance teams are characterized by their collaborative approach working towards the […]

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