Our Service Approach

Our services are adapted to fit your professional and workplace practice approach. Strategic solutions encompass continuous learning, diversity in thinking, and refining processes to increase organizational effectiveness.

Clients Drive the Process and Outcomes

Get desired results through a client-driven, outcomes-oriented service model focused on your aspirations and real needs that foster positive and lasting change.

Team Effectiveness

Promote team effectiveness through an inclusive, engaging, and collaborative alliances to improve partnership dynamics.

Evidence-Based Practices

Combine theoretical concepts with evidence-based practices to improve whole-health systems, quality, coordination, and cost‐effectiveness.

Continuous Development and Innovation

When abrupt and untimely changes occur, be equipped and prepared to develop change management perspectives, inspire innovation, and produce continual improvements.

Strategic Communications

Streamlining effective communication is critical, create and deliver messaging to enhance frontline to C-suite engagement.

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Who We Serve

We work across healthcare, human services, nonprofits, and private sectors to provide solutions for growth, efficiency, and effectiveness. From large group sessions, to one on one coaching, we devise organizational strategies designed to bring our clients’ vision, and mission to fruition. We help those who serve and help organizations succeed.


Address emerging issues and resolve complex problems with strategic solutions.

Human Services

Create workplace wellness to improve consumer care and issues management.


Build your capacity, develop sustainable programs & create long term gains.

Private Sectors

Use forward-thinking strategies to address operational challenges and social impact.

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Why Choose Us?

Every day, the SOHC team inspires hope with genuine respect and appreciation for our clients’ unique visions. We realize that it’s not enough to be a great leader – for that very reason simply, we work to position our clients’ organizations advantageously, so that they can reach their aims, accomplish their goals, and achieve success. Our strategic and innovative team of experienced, dedicated, and passionate consultants showcase a broad range of industry-leading strategies, tactics, and research-backed methodologies that optimize more than just your leadership abilities. We prioritize our clients’ best interest with a well-versed data-driven approach to broaden their business liquidity and prepare for a transformed economy and society.

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