Here at Springs of Hope Consulting (SOHC), we are client-centered, culturally responsive trusted advisors who work closely with clients to reach new markets and grow their business with greater flexibility, greater knowledge, and a greater pathway forward.

Our industry experts specialize in strategy and management consulting services across healthcare, human services, private, and nonprofit sectors. We instill leadership coaching, professional development, and workforce training, combining a highly collaborative working model with insights and proven strategies to deliver tangible results —together generating a lasting impact.

SOHC is here to help you tackle unprecedented challenges, identify opportunities, and translate problems into solutions. Find out how to recover from COVID the right way.
“Our success is not predicated on what we achieve as consultants, but on what
we do to set our clients and their organizations up for future success.”

– Dr. Delores Springs D.S.L
Our focus is on delivering you the absolute best support,
guiding you through training and providing forward-thinking solutions.
Workforce Development

Evaluate your workforce, address your training needs, and increase
human capital.

Program Development

Transform ideas into strategic plans that refine practices into successful programs.

Diversity &

Craft a positive and welcoming workplace culture critical to achieve D&I outcomes.

Team Building Effectiveness

Tailor team-oriented best practices to create interconnectivity, cohesion, & cooperation.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Apply foremost leadership concepts and strategies to experience
immediate results.

Performance Optimization

Embrace new ways to map, assess, & evaluate your performance to optimize impact.

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